Greenish knee (Platanthera chlorantha)

By | October 26, 2017

Greenish knee (Platanthera chlorantha)

Tubers 8-10 cm length, 1-2 cm in diameter. Momentum 20-50 cm h., straight, quite strong, with clearly protruding nerves, green.

Leaves usually 2, rarely more (even 5), similar in size and shape to the previous species. Above them usually 3-4 lanceolate leaves, pituitary, spicy, green. Inflorescence to 25 cm length, multiflorous, usually not very dense.

The flowers are usually slightly larger than the white ones, very similar.

Pituitary gland to 25 mm length, lancetowata, spicy, green.

Follows to 20 mm length, narrow, almost straight or slightly sigmoidal, twisted, green.

Warżka 11-18 mm length, 3-4 mm width, elongated, blunt, fleshy, usually arched or even strongly inclined, greenish to yellowish at the top, whitening to the base. Spur to 50 mm length, do 2 mm in diameter, sigmoidal or arched, spicy, in the upper half slightly expanded, greenish, white towards the base.

Upper outer petal 5-10 mm length, 5-9 mm width, ovoid to almost oval, blunt, white to greenish.

Lateral outer petals 9-12 mm length, 4-6 mm width, broad lanceolate, asymmetric, spicy, White.

Lateral inner petals 5-10 mm length, about 1-2 mm width, even-narrow to narrow-lanceolate, strongly arched, dull or sharp, white to greenish. Column to 4 mm length, stamen bags with strongly distant epiphyses, yellow pollinia.

Fruit approx 2 cm length.

Greenish grasshopper grows mainly in Western and Southern Europe, from Poland was given from different parts of the country. It's a bit more common in the south, especially in lower mountain locations. It seems to be a rarer species than the white knee-length.

It grows in deciduous forests: beech trees, oak-hornbeam forests and warm oak forests, thickets, sometimes in the meadows, on soils usually slightly wetter and more fertile than the previous one, usually rich in calcium carbonate.

It blooms from May to July.

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