Spherical orchid (Traunsteinera globosa)

By | October 31, 2017

Spherical orchid (Traunsteinera globosa)

Tubers 1,5-3 cm length, 1—2.5 cm in diameter, roots numerous (10—15), do 10 cm length.

Momentum 15-70 cm h., straight, rather delicate, cylindrical, green or purple above.

Leaves 4-6, length. 5,5-11 cm, 1-3 cm times., lancetowate do podługowato-lancetowatych, spicy, blue-green, often purple feathered.

Flower of a spherical orchid (Traunsteinera globosa) a – upper outer lobe of the perianth, b – internal side, c, d – lateral external, e – warżka, f- ovary and spur, g – hypophysis.

Inflorescence 1.2-4 cm long., ovoid, dense.

Small flowers, bell-ringed open1, pleasantly fragrant.

Hypophysis 6-8 mm length, lancetowata, spicy, greenish.

Ovary 6-8 mm length, straight or slightly bent, twisted, green with purple bloom.

Warżka 4-8 mm length, 4-5 mm width, clearly 3 patches, slightly grooved folded, pink or pale purple, with darker ones, irregular spots; middle patch lanceolate, spicy, it thickened at the top, longer than the side patches, side patches lanceolate to triangular, sharp or blunt.

Ostroga 2-3 mm length, conical, spicy, slightly bent, pale pink. Upper outer petal 4–6.5 mm long., 1—1.5 mm wide, lancetowaty, tapered and elongated at the top and thickened at the tip, pale pink or purple.

Lateral outer petals 3–7.5 mm long., slightly asymmetrical, otherwise like the previous one.

Lateral inner petals 3-6,5 mm dl., 1-1,5 mm width, clearly asymmetrical, otherwise as above. The column 2-3 mm dl., pale pink. Fruit to 10 mm length.

The species is not very variable.

The spherical orchid is rare in our country. Its positions were served from the Sudetes, Tatra Mountains, Least, Ojców and Pogórze.
It grows in meadows, on fresh soils, nawapiennych, slightly acidic to slightly alkaline p.

Blooms, depending on the elevation above sea level, from May to August.

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