Small-flowered orchid (Orchis ustulata)

By | October 31, 2017

Small-flowered orchid (Orchis ustulata)

Tubers 1-1,5 cm length.

Momentum 10-30(50) cm h., straight, cylindrical, green.

Leaves 3-6, length. 3-11 cm, 0,5-2 cm times., broad lanceolate to lanceolate, spicy, green, often glossy, collected in a rosette at the base of the shoot, only the tallest one.

Inflorescence 2,5-10 cm length, multiflorous, cylindrical, loose hemline, dense at the top.

The flowers are small, a helmet made of all the outer and both inner petals.

Pituitary gland 2-3 mm long., lanceolate-triangular, spicy, membranous, green with a red top.

Small-flowered orchid flower (Orchis ustulata): a – outer perianth leaves fused into the helmet, b – internal side, c – warżka, d – ovary and spur, e – hypophysis.

Ovary 4-6 mm length, twisted, narrow, arched, green. Warżka 3,5-5 mm length, 3,5-5 mm width, flat, clearly patched, white to dirty white with irregular, reddish-brown or red spots; side patches only slightly shorter than the middle one, about 1,5-3 mm length, 1-1,5 mm width, lancetowate do podługowatych, sharp or blunt; middle patch cut, both side parts approx 1 mm length, blunt or rounded, usually a tiny appendix between them.

Ostroga 1,5-3 mm length, conical, slightly arched, spicy, white to dirty white.

Upper outer petal 2-3 mm length, 1 mm width, ovoid, blunt, initially red-brown, then usually fading in the lower flowers.

Lateral outer petals 3-4 mm ie, 1-2 mm width, sierpowate, spicy, fuse with the upper, similar color.

Lateral inner petals 2-3 mm length, about 0,5 mm width, equilibrium, spicy.

The column 1-2 mm length.

Fruit to 10 mm length, bloated.

The range of the small-flowered orchid covers almost all of Europe, except Scandinavia. His positions are known from different parts of the country, it is nowhere common. In the south of Poland, it seems to be more common.

It grows mainly in meadows, on fresh and moderately fertile soils, rich in calcium carbonate.

Blooms; in May and June.

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