Consumption (Chamorchis)

By | October 26, 2017

Consumption (Chamorchis)

Tubers 2, spherical to ovate. Leaves collected in a rosette at the base of the shoot, awl, fleshy, gutter-shaped, stiffly raised. Inflorescence shorter or longer than the leaves, multiflorous. The flowers are small, turned by 180 °. A sitting ovary. Warżka without jail, lingual. The rest of the petals were pressed against the helmet. Fine pillar. Stamen straight, with a narrow coupler. Rostellum short, shelf-shaped, slightly bent over the birthmark. Hooks 2, naked, lumpy. Oval birthmark, slightly concave.

This genus includes only one species, found only in Europe – in Scandinavia and in the Carpathians and Alps – alpine potty (Chamorchis alpind).

Inconspicuous, yellow- or brown-green, bezwonne, but the nectar-producing flowers of the potrosti are spurless. They are pollinated by small wasps, beetles and flies. The structure of the rod also allows the pollen packets to freely pour onto the birthmark, and consequently self-pollination. This is indicated by the high percentage of fruit set. The pollination biology of this species requires further research.

Column of the kind of a suffix (Chamorchis) seen from the front (a) and on the side (b)

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