Marsh orchid (Orchis laxiflora)

By | October 31, 2017

Marsh orchid (Orchis laxiflora)

Momentum 20-60(90) cm h., straight, quite delicate, round or slightly angular, green, red rushed overhead.

Leaves 3-5, 10-20(40) cm length, do 1 cm times., do not form a rosette at the root of the shoot, but they are located almost along its entire length, equilibrium, spicy, folded and saber-like along the nerve, green.

Inflorescence 7-10 cm length, several-, multi-flower, loose.

Medium-sized flowers, lateral outer petals strongly bent back.

Hypophysis 10-15 mm length, lancetowata, spicy, it tearfully covers the ovary, tinted red.

Ovary 8-15 mm long., narrow, slightly arched, twisted, with a red coating.

Lip 9-12 mm long., 8-14 mm width, 3-patch, arched in the center, with side patches folded back, from pink to purple purple, with a white or pink throat and fine spots leading to the entrance to the spur; middle patch ovoid, blunt to slightly indented at the top, side patches ovate to rhombic, with rounded tops.

The flower of the marsh orchid (Orchis laxiflora ssp. paluslris) a – upper outer lobe of the perianth, b – internal side, c – lateral external, d – warżka, e – hypophysis, ovule and spur.

Ostroga 9-14 mm length, cylindrical, blunt, straight or slightly upward, from pink to purple-violet.

Upper outer petal 8-14 mm length, 4—6 mm wide, ovate to broad lanceolate, blunt, pink to dark purple.

Lateral outer petals 9-14 mm length, the same width as the previous one, inverse to ovate, asymmetric, spicy, similar color.

Side inner petals slightly smaller, jajowate, asymmetric,, blunt, similar color.

The column 2-4 mm length, pale pink to dark purple.

Fruit approx 15 mm length, rotund.

There are three subspecies within the marsh orchid, sometimes giving them the rank of separate species:
ssp. paluslris (Jacq.) Asch. and Graeb.
Plant to 60 cm h. Leaves to 20 cm length. Warżka 9-10 mm length, 8-10 mm width, 3-patch, ostroga 9-10 mm length, straight,

ssp. hixifloru
Plant to 60 cm h. Leaves to 20 cm length. Warżka 9-12 mm length, 14—18 mm wide, 3-summer season, ostroga 12-14 mm length, facing up.

ssp. elegans (Hayfish) Soo
Plant over 60 cm h. Leaves 20-40 cm length. The lip is not patched.

The first of them grows in southern and central Europe, the second in the Mediterranean and south-western Europe. The third of the subspecies (ssp. elegans) has a similar range. In Poland, only the palustris subspecies is known. His positions were listed in various parts of the country, mainly in the south and west. Nowhere is it a common species.

It grows on moist, and even flooded meadows and peat bogs, on moderately fertile soils, but rich in calcium carbonate, neutral or alkaline.

It blooms from the end of April (on the south) to the end of July.

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