Foul orchid (Orchis coriophora)

By | October 31, 2017

Foul orchid (Orchis coriophora)

Tubers 1-2 cm length, similar diameter, not round.

Momentum 12-50 cm h., straight, not very strong, green.

Leaves 4-10, length. 5-15 cm, 0,4-2 cm times., usually narrow lanceolate, spicy, collected in a rosette at the base of the shoot, over her 14 leaves more or less adjacent to the shoot, teadowate, 1-2 small pituitary leaves under the inflorescence.
Inflorescence 5-15 cm length, multiflorous, loose to dense. The flowers are small, unpleasantly smelling, all the outer petals pressed against the helmet.

Pituitary gland to 10 mm length, lancetowata, ostrai, slightly arched, membranous, green.

Zalążnia water 10 mm length, narrow, twisted, slightly arched, reddish or brownish red flushed.

Warżka 4-7 mm length, 4-7 mm width, 3-patch, strongly arched in the center, middle patch bent towards the ovary, reddish brown or dirty white in color, bright to almost white towards the center, and here with red spots; middle patch 2-4 mm length, 1-2 mm width, lancetowata do jajowatej, blunt, finely notched; side patches 1-2 mm length, 1-2 mm width, rombowate, serrated edges. Ostroga 4-6 mm length, conical, arched, spicy, red-brown. Red-brown to dirty-white perianth petals, usually with slightly darker nerves. Upper outer petal 6-10 mm length, 1,5—4 mm wide, broad lanceolate, sharp.

Lateral outer petals of similar size, broad lanceolate, asymmetric, spicy.

Lateral inner petals 4-6 mm length, 1—2 mm wide, broad lanceolate, spicy.

Foul orchid flower (Orchis coriophora) a – upper outer lobe of the perianth, b – internal side, c – lateral external, d – warżka, e – ovary and spur, f – hypophysis.

Column approx 2 mm length.

The fruit usually approx 10 mm length, a bit bloated.

Foul orchid, just like the previous one, grows almost all over Europe, except Scandinavia. His positions in Poland are very scattered, on many of them, nothing has been confirmed for a long time.

It is a species of wet meadows and thickets. It prefers moist soils, moderately fertile, nawapienne.

It blooms in April to June.

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