Orchid pale (Orchis pallens)

By | October 31, 2017

Orchid pale (Orchis pallens)

Tubers 3-3,5 cm length, 1,5-2 cm in diameter, jajowate, roots numerous, about 10-20 cm length.

Momentum 15-40 cm h., strong, straight, green.

Leaves usually 4-6, length. 6-15 cm, 1,5-5 cm times., inverse to lanceolate, blunt, smooth, shimmering, green, 3-4 collected in a rosette at the root, 1 it tearfully covers the inflorescence.

Inflorescence 4-10 cm length, gestures, ovoid, multiflorous.

Medium-sized flowers, lateral outer petals strongly bent back, pleasantly, delicately fragrant.

Hypophysis 15-25 mm length, long-wadded, spicy, slightly longer than the ovary, pale yellow.

Flower of a pale orchid (Orchis pallens) a – upper outer lobe of the perianth, b – internal side, c – lateral external, d – warżka, e – ovary and spur, f – hypophysis.

Ovary 10-15 mm length, narrow, arched, twisted, green.

Warżka 6-16 mm length, 7-16 mm width, slightly arched in the center, edges rolled up, 3-patch, yellow-greenish, more intensely colored at the entrance to the spur; large middle patch, lingual, blunt or even indented; side patches the size of a middle patch, rhomboid or ovoid, blunt. Ostroga 12-15 mm length, straight or curved upwards, dorsi flattened, slightly expanded towards the top, blunt or slightly indented at the end, yellow-white.

Upper outer petal 8-10 mm length, 6-8 mm width, almost elliptical, blunt, pale yellow.

Lateral outer petals of similar size, slightly narrower, asymmetric, blunt, pale yellow.

Lateral inner petals 6-8 mm length, 4 mm width, jajowatolancetowa-te, strongly asymmetrical, spicy, pale yellow.

Pale green column.

Fruit approx 15-20 mm length, a bit bloated.

The pale orchid is known only from the southern part of Poland. Its overall range is also quite limited – it occurs in the mountains and highlands of southern and central Europe and in Asia Minor.

It grows in beech and pine forests, on their outskirts and in clearings, and also in the bushes, on calcareous soils, quite fertile, about neutral reaction.

It blooms from late April to late May.

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