Lipiennik (Liparis)

By | November 30, 2017

Lipiennik (Liparis)

The basal part of the stem grew bulbous. Leaves usually 2, at the base of the shoot. Multiflorous inflorescence, elongate. Flowers twisted 90 ° to 180 °. Warżka without jail, facing down. The remaining petals are simply spread wide apart. The column is usually slightly arched, winged, slender. Stamen bent, falling off. Pollinia 4, jajowate, without a hood. Rostellum small, reduced.
The type of lipstick counts approx 250-300 species growing all over the world – from the tropics to the cool temperate zone. Just like in fawn, most species grow in warm climates, in the equatorial zone, often in trees. Only one species is known in Europe – Loesel's lipstick (Liparis loeselii).
There is no data on the pollination biology of our lipnik. The structure of its rod enables free pollination to be poured onto the birthmark, and thus self-pollination. This possibility is also indicated by the high percentage of fruit set. The flowers of the Loesel lipophilus are also occasionally spotted by small wasps.

Loesel's lipiennik (Liparis loeselii)

Pseudobulb, 0.5-2 cm long., similar diameter, ovoid to almost round, gray- or white-green.
Momentum 5-20 cm h., straight, 3-kanciasty, peg, green to yellow.
Leaves 2, very rarely 3, length. 2-11 cm, 0,5-2,5 cm times., broad-lanceolate to spatulate, sharp or blunt, raised upwards, green, sometimes turning yellow.
Inflorescence to 8 cm length, 1-18-floral, loose.
The flowers are small, inconspicuous, Open, yellowish white to greenish.
Pituitary gland 1-2 mm long, more or less triangular, spicy, translucent, whitish to greenish yellow. Peduncle 2-3 mm length, slightly twisted, hence the flowers positioned slightly laterally in the inflorescence, dragon, yellow to greenish.
Ovary 3-4 mm length, cylindrical, narrow, dragon, similar color. Warżka 4-6 mm length, 2,5-4 mm width, arched, fleshy, gutter-like folded, in outline elliptical-lanceolate, not patched, spicy, greenish to yellow, in the center with a green streak.
Upper outer petal 5-6 mm length, broad-rooted, above lanceolate, sharp, with rolled edges.
Lateral outer petals 4,5-5,5 mm length, elongated lanceolate, spicy, twisted at the root.
Lateral inner petals 5,5-6,5 mm length, threadlike, sharp or blunt, with rolled edges, slightly arched.
The column 3-4- mm length, greenish to yellow, white pollinia.
Fruit to 8 mm length, raised upwards.
Lipiennik is a little variable species. It was served from various parts of Poland, it still creates big in places, with hundreds of specimens, concentration.
It grows in wet meadows and peat bogs, on moist and wet soils, often on floating peat pleats, as well as on moderately fertile soils rich in calcium carbonate, at least slightly acidic, and usually neutral or slightly alkaline.
Flowering begins in May, and ends in July.

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