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Broad-leaved orchid

WORLD-LEAVED ORCHID (ORCHIS LATIFOLIA L.) Family: orchids (Orchidaceae) It is a small perennial, reaching 10-50 cm in height. It produces palmar, deeply indented, 3- or a 4-legged underground tuber, from which thick roots will grow. A new tuber grows every year, the old one dies; in summer they both perform side by side, the older one is always darker in color. The stalk of the broad-leaved orchid is ... Read More »

Gouge (Corallorhiza)

Gouge (Corallorhiza) Plants, green free, saprofityczne, devoid of leaves and roots. Coral branched rhizome. The inflorescence is usually multiflorous, elongate. Flowers of various sizes, turned by 180 °, with a faint spur at the root. The petals of the perianth are ordinary, more or less tight. Elongated column, slightly bent, narrowly flanked. Stamen bent, falling off. Pollinia 4, waxy with an appendix, the so-called. let, connecting them to a small hinge. ... Read More »

Lipiennik (Liparis)

Lipiennik (Liparis) The basal part of the stem grew bulbous. Leaves usually 2, at the base of the shoot. Multiflorous inflorescence, elongate. Flowers twisted 90 ° to 180 °. Warżka without jail, facing down. The remaining petals are simply spread wide apart. The column is usually slightly arched, winged, slender. Stamen bent, falling off. Pollinia 4, jajowate, without a hood. Rostellum small, reduced. The type of lipnik has about ... Read More »

Wyblin (Malaxis)

Wyblin (Malaxis) The basal part of the stem transformed into a more or less thickened pseudobulb. Ordinary leaves 2 or 3, less often 1. The inflorescence is usually multiflorous, elongated or capitate. Small flowers, turned by 360 °, due to which the lip is directed upwards. Long peduncle, straight, zalążnia beczułko-wata. Warżka without jail. Straight pillar, straight stamen, mobile. Rostellum very small, triangular, with a small ... Read More »

Wrong (Hammarbya)

Wrong (Hammarbya) Plants are very small. Small pseudobulb and small leaves at the base of the shoot. The inflorescence is usually multiflorous. Flowers inconspicuous, not twisted, due to which the lip is directed upwards. Perianth leaves are translucent. There is no spur. Fine pillar, straight. Stamen straight, bent back after spilling pollen. Rostellum small, triple toe. Birthmark hollow. Winged mycobacteria. The genus includes only one species ... Read More »

Storzan (Epipogium)

Storzan (Epipogium) Chlorophyll-free plants, devoid of leaves and roots. Rhizome bulbous thickened or coral branched. Usually delicate shoot, with a few scales. Inflorescence of several- to multiflorous, elongate. Medium-sized ordinary flowers, turned by 180 ° or not, open or closed. The lip is quite large with a large baggy spur. The column is quite massive, slightly bent. Movable stamen, bent. Rostellum short, simple,… Read More »

Wormhole (Cephalanthera)

Wormhole (Cephalanthera) Rhizome elongated, horizontal or vertical, usually quite densely covered with roots. Straight or sometimes leaning shoot. Staggered or staggered foliage. Leaves are smooth or slightly rough, flat. Ordinary multiflorous inflorescence, not very dense. Ovary twisted at the root, sitting. The flowers are quite large, white or red, more or less tubular. Two-piece lip, both parts are movably connected. ... Read More »

Kręczynka (Spiranthes)

Kręczynka (Spiranthes) Tuberous thickened roots, collected in bundles after 2-5. The leaves form a rosette that appeared in the previous season at the base of the inflorescence or are arranged on the shoot. Flowers arranged in a spiral, turned by 180 °, small, inconspicuous. Usually all the petals are more or less tucked into a tube. A lip on a short claw, with two fleshy growths at the base, divided… Read More »

Taiwan (Goodyera)

Taiwan (Goodyera) Rhizome fleshy with long internodes. Common roots, few. Leaves collected in rosettes at the base of the shoot, usually broadly caudal, often decorative. Multiflorous inflorescence, elongate. The flowers are small, turned by 180 °, usually inconspicuous, White. The lip at the base is baggy-concave. The rest of the petals were pressed against the helmet, lateral outer slightly tilted. Straight pillar. Stamen straight, heart-shaped, mobile. Mycobacteria adherent ... Read More »

Subgenus nestler (subgen. Neottia)

Subgenus nestler (subgen. Neottia) Greenless plants, devoid of leaves. Rhizome covered with densely fleshy, intertwined roots, which resembles a bird's nest. The shoot is covered with brown scabbards. The inflorescence is usually multiflorous. Flowers twisted 180 °, medium size. Warżka without jail, dissected at the top, concave at the root. Straight pillar, slender. The stamen is slightly bent, mobile. Lingual rostellum, quite big, with semi-liquid ... Read More »