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Let's think about it, what factors affect the flowering of orchids. The answer to this question is not simple. In some species, lack of rainfall for a short period of time may induce flowering, in others – low temperature, and in others, both of these factors work together. There are also certain flowering periods for orchids in the tropics, which can be influenced even by small ones,… Read More »

The column

The construction of the sexual structures of orchids is very complicated. It is currently the subject of very intensive research, which is understandable, that getting to know it in detail allows us to understand the principles of the lip-column system, and, moreover, it sheds light on the evolution of this group. In plants, the sexual structures are stamens and pistils. In flowers most closely related to lily orchids (Liliaceae) there are 6 ... Read More »


Orchid flowers occur singly or in several, and even inflorescences of several dozen flowers. These are usually clusters or ears, sometimes panicles, and rarely baskets. The size of the flowers varies greatly. The largest and smallest flowers in the world of orchids a – Cattleya warscewiczii, b – Phmgniipedium caudatum, c – Platyslele sp. Perhaps the smallest in the world are the flowers of one of the American ... Read More »